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Exploring Music Literacy as a Lifetime Pursuit

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Musical interactions occur in my life in three main ways:

Education, Composition and Performance

Come explore how we can be changed by music, and in so doing, change the world around us

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Music Theory Instruction

Explore the physics of sound and learn what choices composers make and why.

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Exam Preparation & Coaching

Achieve your goals through solid preparation and gain the skills to ace that exam!

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Composition Instruction

Connect what is in your musical mind to the written page and share your music.


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Tim Janz

I have always been fascinated by Music and the World around us.

Everything is about interactions.

How the planets in our Solar System interact with the Sun and each other as they dance in the local arm of our Milky Way, and how  vibrations of musical sounds weave together to stir our souls.

Music is a human interaction, but it is inspired and influenced by the environment all around us.

I explore and share these interactions with my students.

Send me an email, and I would be happy to give you more information or answer any questions you might have.

My Teaching Services

How I Teach

Individual & Group Classes Online
All lessons are online via Zoom, using my own materials that I have prepared and have continued to develop over the years.

Students are given pdfs of materials and assignments which they then print off and complete with pencil and paper.

These are then scanned back (most smart phones have scanning apps) and are then discussed and marked by me using onscreen sharing with a pen and tablet.

Musical examples are played back through a low latency audio interface, which also has a piano keyboard connected for demonstrations.

With a good internet connection and a computer, it is just like being in the classroom.

Online lessons also offer the flexibility of scheduling and of location, no need to commute and no parking fees to pay.

Distance is not a problem, so you can have your lesson from wherever you are.

Music Theory

When teaching music, I have always searched for the “why” of music theory.  There are so many things that are just accepted, but never questioned.

  • Why are there 8 notes in an octave – but wait – aren’t there 12?
  • Why do the key signatures form a patter of fifths that spiral up and down?
  • Why do we like triads so much?
  • Why do some chord patterns sound better than others?
  • Why do some melodies and rhythms get stuck in our heads?

By researching fundamental concepts of the physics of sound and the choices composers make, answers to these questions become evident and fascinating!

Exam Preparation & Coaching

Do you want to take an RCM Theory Exam, or do you need to get ready for entrance exams for a
University application?

I teach all levels and have successfully prepared many students for exams
and University studies.

  • gain deep understanding of musical concepts and how they are used by composers
  • feel confident in your knowledge and how to apply it in an exam situation
    learn useful skills to manage time in an exam
  • be prepared, with all the tools you need to be successful

Achieve your goals through solid preparation and gain the skills to ace that exam!

Composition Instruction

Being musically literate is not just reading music, but writing it as well. Learn important skills to
connect what is in your musical mind to the written page to share your music with others.

Learn how to:

  • generate musical ideas through improvisation
  • find new ways to develop and spin out your musical thoughts
  • easily figure out time signatures and write down those cool rhythms
  • use techniques from other composers, and make them your own

Discover creativity in music and share your creations with the world.

Experience & Education

Formal Education

University of Western Ontario

B. Mus. Honours in Performance (Flute)


Banff Centre

Advanced Studies in Music Certificate


University of Calgary

M. Mus. Composition


I have taught music theory since 1990, teaching music credit courses at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University, as well as preparing students for Royal Conservatory Music Theory exams at all levels, both privately and in small classes.

I have also worked in the school systems, giving specialized workshops as well as being an Royal Conservatory of Music Learning Through the Arts instructor.

Kind Words from Students

Tim uses his mastery of music instruments and his knowledge of music from every historical era to create a truly unique and inspiring method of teaching music theory that instills a deep love of music in all of his students. This is a master teacher, who makes music theory and history fun!

I like that Tim creates his own worksheets for me to learn from because they are easy to follow. He uses music to further illustrate examples, rather than just explaining the theory and I like the convenience of online lessons.

I never had so much fun in music theory lessons! I looked forward to my weekly lessons and enjoyed my homework! As a school music teacher and trained musician, I still found so much to discover in Tim's classes. I have become a better musician and teacher because of his inspirational and creative teaching methods.

I always felt like music theory was something unattainable for me until I took some lessons from Tim Janz. His vast knowledge of music, his musicianship, his mastery of flute, his beautiful singing voice, and his math and physics brain all come together in a teaching method that is exciting, inspiring, and accessible to any music student at any level.